The friendly neighborhood tech community


Welcome to Zombi

Who are we?

Zombi is a small community with about 25 members, who are mostly from Germany and Austria, but also include people from other parts of Europe and North America. Our community is rather dynamic: People from all over the world occasionaly find their way to our Mumble server or into our XMPP group chat, and decide to stay. We get to know a lot of interesting people. Of course the topics don’t have to be technical. Often we discuss cultural differences, current events or talk about anything and everything. New friendships are formed and are strengthened, sometimes even by exchanging sweets and delicacies.

What do we do?

Apart from the daily discussions, we also do projects of every kind together. One of the long-living projects is the administration of our Linux root server, which hosts our Mumble server, mail server, Gitlab, DNS, a Nextcloud instance, a web service for synchronized video watching and a bunch of more services for our members.

Sometimes we play games together whether it’d be in person or through the internet. Among the latter are games like Minecraft, Rust, CS:GO, Dota 2, TableTop Simulator, Arma 3, Guns of Icarus and whatever else sounds fun.